CYW Module Recap: Camp and Training Facilitation Skills Track

The Camp and Training Facilitation Skills Track is a 4-week track that aims to transform the youth into effective facilitators of learning sessions in camps, trainings, Bible Studies, or wherever the need arises.

Here are some of the reflections our participants had for each module.

“This module helped me think of new ideas for our upcoming camp.”

“I learned that it’s easy to join a camp but difficult to plan one. We have to think of the campers and the flow of the camp. If the theme isn’t good, then the camp itself won’t run smoothly.”

“I learned about the important elements of a camp and why they’re important.”

“I can use what I’ve learned in Sunday School.”

“Our facilitator was open, humorous, great at relating with us, and seems very experienced about the topic.”

“I was happy with this module because we invented new games and even simpler games were given new twists.”

“Games need lessons and reflections that are connected to the topics we have in mind.”

“I found that I was better at making games than actually playing them!”

“Safety is the #1 priority.”

“The facilitator was skilled, funny, and observant.”

“I learned the importance of concise instructions, listening, and lively conversation.”

“I learned about the importance of communication and being open-minded.”

“The facilitator was open-minded and accepted our opinions to help us develop.”

“I can use what I’ve learned at church, at school, and at our upcoming camp.”

“I learned that we should be humble and learn to accept criticism.”

“We should ask questions, express how we feel, and listen well to each other.”

“How we give feedback depends on each person.”

“We should show care for those we give feedback to.”