Retreats and Camps

Lilok offers a number of retreats and camps for youth and adults alike, at accessible rates* for the urban poor.

*rates are as of June 21, 2019, inclusive of food, accommodation, transportation, and facilitators’ fees, and may be subject to change.


Bibliodrama Retreat

Bibliodrama refers to a creative way of engaging Biblical texts. It involves contemplating the settings, feelings, and motivations of Biblical characters and making them interact with the individual journeys of each participant. It makes use of symbols, music and dance, and role-playing.

These overnight retreats are typically held on Advent Season, Lenten Season with a fee of PHP 1500.00 per person, and as part of the Certificate in Wholistic Ministry and Certificate in Youth Work programs with a fee of PHP 400.00 per participant currently-enrolled in a Lilok training program.

Family Enrichment Retreat

The Family Enrichment Retreat is an overnight retreat, which seeks to give couples (married or unmarried) a venue to strengthen their relationships with each other. These are held twice a year.

This retreat has a registration fee of PHP 400.00 for each currently-enrolled Certificate in Wholistic Ministry participant, and a fee of PHP 1500.00 for each non-CWM participant.

Food Retreat

The Food Retreat is a once-a-year retreat, where participants learn where food comes from and how to make tasty foods at little cost. They also appreciate the value of food for the body, mind, and soul.

This retreat has a registration fee of PHP 1500.00 per participant.


Bible Camp

The Lilok Bible Camp seeks to introduce young people to the context, themes, and messages of the books of the Bible in a creative, interactive, and participatory way. It is a 5-day, 4-night camp where each section of the Bible (Torah, Histories, Prophets, Wisdom, Gospels, Epistles, and Revelation) is discussed in one hour and thirty minute learning sessions.

The camp has a registration fee of PHP 400.00 per participant and is usually held in summer.

Certificate in Youth Work (CYW) Camp

The Lilok CYW Camp is the culmination of the Camp and Training Facilitation Track of the CYW Program. The CYW participants taking that track organize the camp and serve as the facilitators: no external adult facilitators are invited. The youth are given an opportunity to teach and to learn from their fellow youth through indoor and outdoor activities.

A variety of themes have been used in the history of this camp. A sample of such themes can be seen below.

The camp has a registration fee of PHP 400.00 per participant and is usually held in summer.

Eco-Adventure Camp

The Lilok Eco-Adventure Camp is a camp that brings its participants to the mountains of Tanay to learn about nature and how to survive on limited supplies. It involves hiking, camping outside, building a campfire, and more.