Vision, Mission, and Values

Societal Vision

A society where economic activity and the use of power benefit all persons equally, regardless of sexuality, race, identity or any other distinction; where there is concern for the ‘other’; where the fruits of development are for everyone, including future generations; where the dignity of life is appreciated and respected; and where creation is sensitively preserved as a perpetual source of life and livelihood for all.

Organizational Vision

A diverse community, fully committed to promoting wholistic faith in Jesus Christ through transformational training that genuinely liberates, yet remains appropriate and relevant to the Filipino people.

Our Mission

Lilok Foundation is a faith based, non-profit and non-government organization that seeks to serve urban poor leaders, to facilitate their learning, and to empower them toward servant leadership by means of modeling, transformative education and mentoring programs.

Our Objectives

To train leaders of urban poor communities who are acting and living holistically, growing in Christian maturity and wisdom and becoming effective agents of transformation in the communities they serve.

Core Values


Wholistic faith in Jesus Christ that is beneficial to individuals, wider society and the environment.


Training that transforms individuals and groups through exposure, challenge, critique and creativity


Deep reflection generating effective action for the development of self and society (action–reflection–integration).


Prioritizing our own members, yet willing to journey with other like-minded organizations in the pursuit of righteousness, justice and God’s kingdom purposes through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Personal and Organizational Growth

Participants flourishing through educational assistance and livelihood development; and the organisation strengthened in its promotion of Christian ethics such as love for God, respect for the dignity of all life, and care for the environment.