Striving for a Better World

One of Lilok’s strategic thrusts is to engage our community in national issues. Jeff and I want to share about what Lilok has been doing to engage the youth in national advocacy. Marching for Climate Justice Global Climate StrikeSeptember 20, 2019 University of the PhilippinesCollege of Science Ampitheater600+ total attendees14 Lilok participants    On a … More Striving for a Better World

One-of-a-kind: Reflections from a Sakahang Lilok Bibliodrama Participant

Ptr. Bhem from Faith Bible College (FBC) went to Sakahan a few years ago with their students and he told himself that every year, after the graduation of their Bible school students, they will bring them to Sakahan to rest and reflect to their next journey. It was 2 to 3 years ago since the … More One-of-a-kind: Reflections from a Sakahang Lilok Bibliodrama Participant

Bibliodrama Workshop 2019

A blessed day to our co-journeyers! We invite you to attend a Bibliodrama Workshop this September 16-19, 2019 at Sakahang Lilok, Tanay, Rizal. Bibliodrama is a creative and interactive way of engaging the Bible that makes your reflections come alive. The Bibliodrama Workshop is a workshop where one can experience most of the Bibliodrama elements … More Bibliodrama Workshop 2019