Certificate in Youth Work Program (CYW)

The CYW program is a 10-month activity-based training program for youth, held in six-hour sessions every Saturday at the Lilok office. It uses a mix of indoor and outdoor activities built on the principles of adult learning.

The program’s objective is to give participants a space to develop into youth workers with a wholistic faith, that are able to organize youth groups in the community and facilitate their own learning sessions.

Below are some of the tracks we offer for the program. A participant can either choose to join a track, or complete the entire program.

Wholistic Faith Track

This track aims to develop a more wholistic outlook on faith and ministry in the participants. It includes the modules of:

  • Wholism – aims to analyze approaches to ministry and transformation and introduce wholism as an alternative approach.
  • Radical Discipleship – aims to introduce an alternative way of viewing discipleship: from building walls to digging wells.
  • Urban Poor Youth in Context – aims to give a critical analysis of poverty in the city, from the lens of the participants as urban poor youth.
  • God of the Poor in the Old and New Testaments – aims to analyze selected texts from the Old and New Testaments that discuss the issues of oppression, poverty, justice, and peace, and how God acts upon them. This also aims to apply these learnings to the Philippine setting.
  • Mission, Theology, and Praxis – aims to give the participants opportunities to observe how youth-focused organizations live out their missions and visions in the communities around them through half-day study visits. For those who wish to take the Community Organizing track, it also aims to help the participants develop their own visions and missions.

To complete the experience, the participant is required to either volunteer or undergo exposures for 60 hours in a youth organization. This requirement may also be met by volunteering to help with Lilok’s advocacies or joining response teams for relief efforts.

Organizing Skills Track

This track aims to enhance the youth organizing skills of the participants, with the end goal of organizing a youth group in their church or community. The participants will take up:

  • Models of Organizing and Emergent Practices in Youth Work – aims to introduce the process of community organizing and different models of organizing through videos, dialogue with youth organizers, and study visits to active youth organizations.
  • Participatory Community Research – aims to help the participants perform research in their community for their community, to be used as a basis for their Youth Initiated Project.
  • Filipino Youth Culture – aims to critically analyze youth culture through various perspectives, and encourage the youth to form alternative and appropriate ways to respond to the youth in their community.
  • Curriculum Development from Below – aims to guide the participants in formulating a progressive curriculum or plan by and for the youth in their community.
  • Gender Sensitivity Training – aims to develop in the participants a greater sensitivity to unequal gender relations, perspectives and opportunities in the dominant Philippine culture and structures, and formulate gender-sensitive responses to issues in the community. Includes a discussion of gender issues in the Bible.

In order to complete the experience, the participant is required to organize a youth group in their community with the purpose of implementing a project for and by the youth (called a Youth Initiated Project). This will be evaluated by a panel of evaluators sourced from Lilok’s community partners.

Youth Camp and Training Facilitation Track

This track aims to enhance the participants’ skills in facilitating learning sessions for the youth. The end goal of the track is the facilitation of a creative youth camp. The modules included are the following:

  • Running a Creative Youth Camp – aims to orient the youth in the process of organizing a youth camp, with their past camp experiences as the primary resource.
  • Creative Youth Games – aims to develop creative games that serve not only as icebreakers and energizers, but as learning sessions in themselves.
  • Facilitation Skills Training – aims to develop learning session facilitation skills anchored in Adult Learning Principles; integrate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles in crafting a learning session; and practice such skills in actual facilitation sessions.

In order to complete the experience, the participant must organize a youth camp with his or her fellow participants, with a theme of their choice. This camp will be funded by Lilok.

Community and Individual Well-being Track

This track aims to cultivate wholistic well-being in the communities of the participants. Included in this track are the following modules:

  • Bibliodrama Retreat – an overnight retreat where the participants experience new ways to interact and reflect on the Biblical text.
  • Building Self-Esteem – aims to develop in the participants a positive sense of self-worth based on their own strengths and the Word of God. Includes written and participatory assessments.
  • Peer Counseling Skills – aims to develop the participants into effective listeners for their fellow youth who are in distress.
  • Suicide Awareness Workshop – aims to integrate positive self-worth and peer counseling skills and direct it towards suicide intervention through compassionate journeying.
  • HIV Awareness – aims to orient the participants on the reality of HIV in the Philippines, remove the stigma associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), and offer tips on how to avoid infections and get treated. Includes a free HIV test.

Open Modules

Besides the modules in these tracks, Lilok CYW offers modules tailored to a particular training batch’s needs, decided during the course orientation or upon request. Here’s a sample of some of the open modules we offer.

What’s the schedule?

The schedule for Training Year 2019-2020 can be seen at this link.

CYW is a flexible program, and as such this schedule may change.

How do I join?

If you’re at least 15 years old or know someone who is that would be interested in the program, one only has to head for the Lilok office, undergo a short interview, fill up an application form, and pay a small fee for enrollment.

The Certificate in Youth Work Program is an intensive training program, and yet affordable for urban poor participants who wish to become youth organizers in their communities. The fees for attending the entire program are as follows:

Type of FeePrice (in PHP)Includes
Enrollment400One-time fee
Module392028 Saturdays
Retreat800Orientation and Bibliodrama
Camp800Bible Camp and CYW Camp
Graduation350One-time fee

Payment terms are flexible, and can be paid upfront, on an installment, or at the end of the training. The fees will be calculated based on how many activities the participant attended.