Sakahang Lilok

Sakahang Lilok is a small organic farm that offers visitors from the city an opportunity to experience sustainable agriculture and re-discover a simple but good life.

In Sakahang Lilok we care for the land and the land cares for us. We aim to raise awareness and model how all of us can take better care of creation.

Visitors can get to work the soil, to experience the rhythm of nature and in absence of much noise connect with the creator of everything.

Allow the Creator to speak through His work – Nature. Listen, smell, taste, feel and see the wealth that it offers.

We pursue a Zero-Waste policy. Anyone visiting is requested to take their non-biodegradable waste back home (everything plastic)! We welcome everything bio-degradable, as this will become fertilizer for the soil.

In order to not damage the water, we expect that only biodegradable soap is used. We provide or sell samples.

In taking care of creation, we follow only native methods of building. This means there is no need for artificial ventilation. The wind will do that.

Since there is no electricity, nature invites you to behold its drama. Try to treasure and honor the sounds and rhythms of nature.

What will I see there?

Most activities are held at Masid (View). Here one can reflect as they look at God’s creation from the viewing windows.

Meals are eaten at Dighay (Burp). We hope that all who eat here let out a burp of satisfaction.

Our guests sleep at Hilik (Snore). Four rooms with ten mattresses provide plenty of room for our guests to rest and snore away.

We use composting toilets, called Ambag (Contribution). Nature creates no real waste, and everything can be used again.

For the more adventurous, Batlag Falls is a 20-minute walk away.

How do I get there?

From Teresa, head towards Laguna. At Morong Y-junction take Laguna Road to the left, avoiding Baras and Tanay proper. At Tandang Kutyo Barangay Hall (that’s before the bridge in Tanay), turn left and follow the road uphill for approx 8 KM. After the Materials Recovery Facility take the next obvious right turn. Sakahang Lilok is on the top of the hill.

How much are the rates?

Sakahang Lilok’s rates for an overnight stay are as follows:

Complete beddings
Own blanket and pillow case
Food345115 per meal
Snacks7035 per snack
Overnight stay (complete beddings)
(own blanket and pillow case)

Because the farm was originally intended to be a place for the urban poor to be away from the city to connect with the Creator and dream of a simpler life, our rates can be negotiated. But it is highly encouraged for those with the means to pay the full rate so as to subsidize the stay of our urban poor brothers and sisters.

Sakahang Lilok can entertain a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 guests per group. This is to ensure that the restful ambiance of the farm is maintained. If the group is larger than 40, the staff need to be informed so that they can find a way to accommodate the guests.

How do I book Sakahang Lilok?

For schedules, rates, or other concerns, please send a message to:


Or email us at:


You can also text or call us at:

0995-3059367 (Sakahang Lilok)

0917-7402833 (Ms. Mariben)

0915-5499039 (Mr. Condrad)